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Energy Independence from Space

Houston Scientist proposes lunar power system to meet world energy needs at San Jose meeting.

SAN JOSE, California, May 21, 2003 — Dr. David Criswell, professor of physics at the University of Houston and director of the Houston Institute for Space Systems Operations, will present his vision for a Lunar Solar Power System to meet world energy needs this Saturday, May 24, at the International Space Development Conference at the Hyatt San Jose.

Dr. Criswell has worked with NASA since Apollo, and was among the experts assembled by The Wall Street Journal after the Columbia accident for an online roundtable on the future of the US space program.

Criswell’s idea calls for solar power to be collected on the Moon using solar cells and other components constructed out of lunar material; the power would be transmitted from microwave antennas on the lunar surface to receiving stations on Earth.

The Lunar Solar Power System would do for the whole Earth what the big hydroelectric projects did for the Appalachians and the West. "A net new wealth, wealth that can’t be created otherwise without depleting the resources of Earth. It would be truly sustainable" Criswell says. "We’ve had decades of public concern over the environment and how our energy use affects the environment and how the use of oil creates political instability around the world." Once the lunar-based power system is in operation, the world will change forever.

Dr. Criswell was recently highlighted in the University of Houston magazine:

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