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International Space Development Conference Opens in Silicon Valley

"Roadmap To The Stars" Welcomes The Public To
The National Space Society’s Annual Gathering

SAN JOSE, California, May 19, 2003 — Silicon Valley will host some of the world’s leading scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers and astronauts at The International Space Development Conference, May 23-26 at the Hyatt San Jose.

Visiting conference experts and attendees will showcase innovative "space-based" solutions to pressing energy, environmental, economic, transportation and technology concerns facing humanity everywhere. Open to the general public and sponsored by The National Space Society, this year's conference includes:

  • Dr. Pascal Lee (NASA) discussing the NASA Haughton Mars Project.
  • Dr. David Criswell (Texas Space Grant Consortium) exploring the potential of Lunar Solar Power to meet terrestrial energy needs.
  • Dr. Peter Diamandis (X Prize Foundation) talking about contenders for the "X Prize" contest for launching private citizens into space.
  • Marianne Dyson (NSS Director) discussing "Why Space Exploration is Important for Our Kids" and February’s Columbia space shuttle tragedy.

The Hyatt San Jose is located at 1740 North First Street, San Jose, CA, USA 95112. Telephone: 1-408-993-1234 (fax: 1-408-453-0259).

For additional details of The International Space Development Conference, contact Samuel Coniglio (1-408-930-0102, [email protected]) or Pat Montoure (1-408-930-5506, [email protected]). Or visit for the latest developments.

A 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to promoting the benefits of space travel, The National Space Society encourages positive social, technical, economic, and political efforts to advance humanity's peaceful and productive habitation of space.

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